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Summer Vale Basketball

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Our Summer Basketball Program will be run by our Basketball DOC Ed Battle and will run through the summer with games on Saturday's between July 7th - August 15th. The players will tryout then the coaches will "draft" the players and each team and the games will be comprised of in-house members. 

Teams will practice 1x a week with 1x game on Saturday's. Tryouts will be held at Vale on June 29th and is open to players in Grades 4-8. More information below:


Tryout Date: June 29th 

Location: Vale Fields + Courts, Middletown

Tryout Times: 6pm-715pm (4th - 6th Grade) and 715pm-830pm (7th & 8th Grade)

Cost: $150/player (not due at registration)


Any and all questions should be directed to